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 Package NameSizeDate
Download New Apple iTunes x64 496.41 MB21-07-2017
Download New Apple iTunes x86 383.85 MB21-07-2017
Download New FileZilla Project FileZilla x64 29.77 MB21-07-2017
Download New FileZilla Project FileZilla x86 29.12 MB21-07-2017
Download New Opera Software Opera 46.0.2597.57 146.04 MB21-07-2017
Download New Oracle Java 8 x64 Update 141 120.04 MB21-07-2017
Download New Oracle Java 8 x86 Update 141 108.77 MB21-07-2017

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SoftwareCentral is one of the most efficient SCCM management tools on the market. SoftwareCentral lies on top of Microsoft’s SCCM platform and gives it a user-friendly interface. SoftwareCentral is designed to simplify nearly all of the day-to-day SCCM operations, while providing new capabilities for system administrators. If you want to test SoftwareCentral, please contact us and we will arrange and guide you through the test installation.

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2017-06-30 - SoftwareCentral v is now available

The shop layout been updated to match the same dynamic layout as the rest of SoftwareCentral. It is now also possible to add HTML content for each package and item in the shop, making it possible to add inline images and other content. We have imporved the search-engine and added new search options to make it easier for users to find what they are looking for.
Packages can now also be configured to be leased. Leased software will automatically be uninstalled after a predefined period of time. Many of the other new features in the shop are listed below:

• New dynamic layout which expands with the screen size.
• Support for HMTL content in package descriptions.
• Custom left menu - add your own text and elements. Can be changed from the Settings menu.
• Custom check-out message. Can be changed from the Settings menu.
• Lease software. Configure a package/application/software group to be automatically uninstalled after a given period.
• Optimized the search engine speed.
• Added a new alphabetical search bar where users can seach for software starting with a given letter.
• Added a "Browse by Manufacturer" filter. This must be enabled from the settings menu.

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Win10Servicing Windows 10 Servicing
The Patch Management module in SoftwareCentral has been upgraded to include Windows 10 Servicing. You can now create and manage Windows 10 Servicing Plans from SoftwareCentral with the same features as you know from the Configuration Manager console. SoftwareCentral also shows status messages for each client, making it easier to find those client that failed installing an update.
From the Windows 10 Servicing Dashboard in SoftwareCentral you can quickly get an overview of your Windows 10 build versions in your organization and see compliance status for each Servicing Plan.
Note that Windows 10 Servicing in SoftwareCentral requires SCCM CB 1606 or above.

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SoftwareCentral 5.2
• New adaptive layout
• Import and edit App-V Applications
• New web service manager for easy integration with third party tools

SoftwareCentral 5.1
• New Application Wizard (the old Create Application interface has been removed)
• Improved application management
• Attach files to orders in the shop
• Improved live data for the Deployment Monitor and Manage Software
• New schedule manager
• Remake of Clone single and multiple computers
• Remake of Edit Computer
• Remake of Delete Single and Multiple Computers (Delete from computer group has been merged with delete multiple)
• Remake of Product Categories interface
• Remake of the User Device Affinity interface
• License Reports and License Reports Viewer has been merged into a single interface
• New mail templates in the Mail Template editor
• Various bug fixes

SoftwareCentral 5.0
• Translations into English, German, French, Danish, Swedish and Norwegian
• New user manual in English, German and French
• Live view of your current deployments for easy follow-up with the new Deployment Monitor
• New shop layout
• Self-Service Reset Password via mail
• Simplified installation flow of SoftwareCentral
• Over 30 interfaces completely remade
Everything made from customer requests.

For a complete list of changes, see the Release Notes